How to Increase the font size in notepad/notepad++

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In this tutorial, You will learn how to increase the font size in notepad and notepad++……
Changing the fonts are very easy now. The developers mostly need to change the font sizes of editors so that they can write their code easily in text format. It helps them to read and understand the code easily.
For video tutorial, watch this video..

If you are also looking for other such tips and tricks, then you can find all tutorials in blog section here .
Some people also want to make some notes or to do lists in these editors. Its a common use for almost all users who are using computers.

Increase the font size in notepad and notepad++
How to Increase the font size in notepad/notepad++. A video tutorial with instructions.

Change text size in notepad

Step 1:
First open the notepad
Click on format and then font(Picture shown Below)
When you will click at font, a popup window will appear instantly and from there you can change the fonts and its styling easily.

Step 1: Change text size in notepad

Step 2:
From here you can increase or decrease the text font size in your notepad.
Now you can also see a scroll bar at the end of Notepad, to get rid of this scrolling, just click format/word wrap.
Basically, word wrap fit all the text in editor window instead of overflow of text. That’s why you can follow this step in case if you are feeling uncomfortable to read the text or tired of scrolling again and again to read the full content.

Step 2: Change text size in notepad

That’s for notepad now lets see in the notepad ++

Increase font size in notepad ++

Step 1:
Open the notepad++
Now go to settings tab and then styling configurator…

Step 1: Change text size in notepad++

Step 2:
From here, you can change the fonts as you want(As shown in below)
In style configuration, you can also do some other changes into your editor. For example, you can also change the foreground color and background color of your Notepad++ editor. Some users like colorful things so its a best option for those users who want their editor more colorful and user friendly.
To change the background and foreground color, you need to check the boxes with label Enable global foreground and background color.

Step 2: Change text size in notepad++

Tip: NO effect has been applied when I change the font, Why?? Very easy, Just click two check boxes and you can see your effect will be applied

Enable Global fonts
Enable global font size
Check these boxes and that’s it……….
There is one more option for theme selection. You can also use different themes for your notepad++ editor if you like. But if you want use only default theme for you editor, then just do above steps to get your required changes.
If you do’nt have notepad++, then you can go to their official website and download the latest version of notepad++ and install at your PC.

Final Thoughts:
So in this tutorial, you guys learned about how to change the font size in notepad and notepad++. Now you are able to change the font size according to your needs in both of editors i.e. notepad and notepad++.
If you still need any help related to this tutorial, feel free to comment below. We will get back to you soon and answers your questions.

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