Published on: May 24, 2022

Google Search Tips to Use Google More Efficiently

Google Search Tips to Use Google More Efficiently

Google Search Tips Millions of people use Google search every day for a variety of reasons. Students use it for school, business people use it for research, and millions more use it for entertainment. But most people may not be using Google search to its full potential.

Want to use Google search more efficiently and get the search results you want fast? Here are some Google search tips and tricks to maximize your search efficiency:

Use the tabs

The first tip is to use the tabs in Google search. On the top of every search are many tags. Usually, you will see Web, Image, News, and More. Using these tabs, you can help define what kind of search you need to do. If you need images, use the Image tab. If you are looking for a recent news article, use the News tab.

Use quotes

When searching for something specific, try using quotes to minimize the guesswork for Google search. When you put your search parameters in quotes, it tells the search engine to search for the whole phrase.

Use a hyphen

Sometimes you may find yourself searching for a word with an ambiguous meaning. An example is Mustang. When you Google search for Mustang, you may get results for both the car made by Ford or the horse. If you want to cut one out, use the hyphen to tell the engine to ignore content with one of the other.

To search for specific terms, use a colon.

It is possible. You will need to Google search for articles or content on a specific website. The syntax is straightforward, as we will demonstrate below.

  • Sidney Crosby

It will be searching for all content about famous hockey player Sidney Crosby, but only on search results will be discarded. If you need to find specific content on a particular site, this is the shortcut you can use.

Find a page 

This Google search tip is a little obscure. Instead of searching for a specific page, You are searching for a page that links to an exact page.

Search for multiple words at once

Google search is flexible. It knows you may not find what you want by searching only a single word or phrase. Thus, it lets you search for multiples.

Search a range of numbers

Searching for a range of numbers is another tip we don’t anticipate a lot of people using. People interested in money or statistics will find this tip particularly useful.

Keep things simple

Now we’re getting into the general tips. Google search knows how to search for a lot of things. What this means is you don’t need to be too specific. If you need a pizza place nearby, use this to search.

  • Pizza places nearby

Google search will grab your location and deliver a range of results for pizza joints in your area.

Gradually add searches

There will come a time. Then Google search fails to deliver the results you want. In this instance, keeping it simple may not be the best option.

As Google itself suggests, the best method is to start with something simple and gradually get more complicated. See the example below:

  • First try: job interviews
  • Second try: prepare for job interviews
  • Third try: how to prepare for a job interview


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