Published on: March 9, 2022

If you search on google and get results unrelated

If you search on google and get results unrelated to your search, don’t worry; this article will help you get exit results.

Here I am revealing the most hidden tips and tricks that help you get more valuable results while using google.

Most people say I am searching movies, and the googles website shows stupid results that show me links and links that were not working for me. Also, not find any pdf, derive, format, etc

10tips helped to find the correct result for you.

  1. Use the tabs
  2. try quotes
  3.  Most importantly hyphen to exclude words a colon to search specific sites
  4. Find sites that are similar to other sites
  5. Use Google search to do math
  6. Search for multiple terms at once
  7. Search a range of numbers
  8.  Could you keep it simple?
  9. Gradually add search terms.
  10. Use important words only

Usage the tabs

First of all, before searching on Google, you must know about the search tap . in the search tap, different features are available like image search, voice search, writing search.

If you search for any specific finding, you must be used images tap like how is in the image google show you the exact result.

Use quotes

When searching for something specific or write quotes to reduce the search for Google. When you search for the same manner that google shows you the exact phrase words.

For instance, if you search for Beautiful places, the engine will search for content that contains those two words in any order.

Use colon for a specific site:

Occasionally, you search for a specific website and don’t get your desired results in it because google shows you more relevant results like your search.

For Example, you search tips on the website Digital code network.

Use colo to find the specific result.

  • computer tips and

Find sites that are similar to other sites.

Most of the time, people boar one site they find a similar website but don’t know how to see is a simple way to find the same website.

here is a simple way to find a similar website

Use Google search to do the math.

Google search can do the math for you is not for all math. It’s only a count number or quick answer like a massive number in the English word. like temporary plus a considerable number.

  • 9 * 6 + 6

Google quest is adjustable.

 It knows you may not find what you want by searching only a single word or expression. It lets you search for multiples.

  • “how to boost internet speed” OR “increasing internet speed“

Keep it simple

Now we were getting into the general tips. If you need a clothing place nearby, use this to search.

  • For example (cloth places nearby me)

Gradually add search terms.

there will come a time when Google search accomplishes unearth out the by-products you wish

In this Example, holding it straightforward may not be the best choice.

  • Firstly try: internet speed
  • secondly, try: internet speed checker
  • moreover: how to boosting internet speed


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