Published on: May 24, 2022

How to Find Out What Type of Laptop Batteries to Get?


How to Find Out What Type of Laptop Batteries to Get? Laptop batteries, like other batteries, will finally lose their ability to retain a charge. They’ll come around and need to be changed, though it can take years to get to that point. If your battery has bare to this tip, check to determine what type of battery you require for your laptop. A word of caution: It’s always best to replace your battery with one from the laptop’s operator.

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Find Out What Type of Laptop Batteries to Get?

Turning off and unplugging your laptop, then removing the battery to scan it, is one of the simplest ways to figure out what kind of battery you have. Most batteries have printed information. That includes the battery type, model number, part number, voltage, and charging current. Although older laptops may use a nickel-metal hydride battery, the lithium-ion battery (typically designated as Li-ion) is the most popular variety nowadays.


It may be necessary to use third-party software to determine which kind of battery should be used in a laptop because some batteries are hard to remove or are not indicated.

BatteryCare and Notebook Hardware Control (linked in Resources) are free programs that provide a wealth of information about a computer’s battery, including everything you’ll need to choose a replacement. BatteryMon (link in Resources) provides even more details on your battery, including its chemistry, and is free for the first 30 days.

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When looking for an exchange battery, It’s usually a good idea to contact the company directly. Batteries purchased from other vendors may void warranties and are not always thoroughly tested. The cell is notorious for exploding, and the risk of using off-brand batteries increases. Also, check the PC manufacturer’s website before obtaining a replacement battery to ensure that you are not only getting the right one but that you don’t get a recalled battery.

Before Buying type of Laptop Batteries

Always check whether the computer’s If the gadget is brand new, the battery has been recalled. Lenovo, for example, has a website devoted to battery information, including installation and recalls. Many include software that can verify. whether your battery has ended the need to remove the battery from the laptop.

If your laptop battery is on the recall list, contact the manufacturer as soon as possible for a free replacement. Unless necessary, avoid using a recalled battery.

Find Out What Type of Laptop Batteries to Get?


A wide range of computer programs is available to test various parts of your battery. One of these programs may assist you in diagnosing the issue. Battery Eater, Notebook Hardware Control, and Smarter Batteries are programs that keep track of data like this. Your battery’s average charge time, charging time, charging capacity, and time to use the charge.

The HP System testing tool, Toshiba’s PC Health Monitor, and the Dell PC Diagnostics program are examples of programs. It is designed by laptop operators to test and diagnose battery concerns.


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