Published on: January 24, 2022

Fix a slow computer and HOW?

Fix a slow computer

Fix a slow computer: A slow computer is a disadvantage. one of the most common complaints PC repair makers hear is when users bring in their PCs for repair or service. Corrupt entries in system elements, wrong system settings that interfere with proper operation, so many automatically opening applications, unnecessary software updates, misconfigured internet connection settings that result in slower connection speeds, and other factors can all contribute to this condition.

Slow computer conditions may be resolved but prevented with special software that detects and eliminates common causes of PC.

The article provides details on the symptoms, causes. but the ways to repair.

CONTENTS of Fix a slow computer

Ways to repair


The most common symptoms of a slow computer increased time for PC startup and shutdown. slower application launching, application, and whole system freezes, slower response times. (which may be noticed by users of text editors. where typed characters may appear on the screen with a brief delay),

In the case of slow internet connection speed. The user may notice slower web browsing, lower file download speeds, poor quality of web calls, delays in delivery. when using chat programs, and a number of other slowness symptoms.


Among the most common causes of. A slow computer, but conditions are misconfigured system settings that adjusting, the presence of invalid or corrupt entries in system elements that prevent applications or system components from operating properly, too many browser tabs opened too many applications that open automatically, and unnecessary software updates. Slow web browsing, downloads, and web call interruptions on a supposedly high-speed connection are caused by incorrect network settings.

Ways to repair slow computer conditions

Advanced PC users may be able to improve their computer’s speed by manually resolving the common causes of computer slowdown – by adjusting system and internet connection settings. because other users may want to hire a technician to do it for them.

Steps by Fix a slow computer

Download PC Repair application
Install and then launch the application
Click the Scan Now button to detect potential issues causes
Click the Repair and All button to fix found abnormalities then
How to fix a computer?
Check your mouse and keyboard. but
End processes using task manager

Delete the temp files.
but Move your computer to a cooler place.
Update your graphics driver.
Run a memory check.
Repair system files.
and Do a system restore.

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