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Hello there! We are looking to hire multiple animators to help us create YouTube videos to help us create new animation channels we can grow with. The animations will be similar to the style of the animations from our current animation channel: Minecraft Curios Animations – but for the game Roblox instead.

The style is done in a fairly simple, cute cartoon style. Our current animator uses Adobe Flash, but you can use whichever program you prefer. But we do want to have a similar type of animation style in terms of the drawings and characters and animations.

Animations will be stories and fun skits based within the game Roblox, so you must have significant experience with Roblox as a game in order to be capable of this job.

We are looking for LONG-TERM partnerships for work, so people who are ready to work with us to make videos for many years. This is expected to be a full-time position. The amount of work available will be potentially infinite, so you can make as much as you are able to animate each month with us. Videos will be around 2-3 minutes or so each

You will need to be able to create full-stack animation videos, meaning making the entire video from start to finish, with sound effects and editing, and putting together the fully finished video by yourself. (No voice acting required, we will make animation stories that do not need voice acting). We will be able to help with the writing of the videos, but everything else you must do on your own

You will need to complete a short test project animation as a part of the application

can you do a 10-15 seconds sample of the first video to make sure you are the right person for the project?

For the test project, I’d like for you to fully re-create a 100% ORIGINAL version of a part of this video:

For the video linked, remake your own version roughly 10-15 seconds or so of the scene that starts at about 0:23 into the video. This is not a roblox example, but we just want to see if you can copy our existing art style and animation style.

Please let me know if this all makes sense and when you can complete this by. Upon completion, we will review the quality to determine if you can be a good fit for our animation team longterm. Thanks!


To apply for this job email your details to digitalcodenetwork@gmail.com