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JavaScript, Website Design, CSS, HTML, Frontend Development

I need someone to build a frontend for me in HTML, CSS, and Javascript for a one page project. All the backend code is already finished and just need the frontend built. The project is similar to letter.so
and I want to use a modern design style like this website as well. You can use a development framework like bootstrap, tailwinds, jquery, etc.. but I do not want it done on any platform like WordPress, WebFlow, etc.. No No No! Also, NO nuxt, vue, react, angular, node.js, etc.. this is too small of a project to do this in. Those frameworks will just bring too much overhead for one page. The page is just one page, with a navbar at the top, content area on the right, and menu on the left. The menu on the left will dynamically load items as someone clicks through the menu and the user should be able to drag the content from the menu to the main page (drag and drop function similar to letter.so
) Any code needed to interface with the database is done already, for example to retrieve the menu contents you would make a GET request to a script that is already made.

Note: I just need the frontpage. The rest of the backend is done in PHP and is already done.

To apply for this job email your details to digitalcodenetwork@gmail.com