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Automatic interface module via API between Management System and Ebay. The module must allow you to keep the Management inventory synchronized with the advertisements published on the reference Marketplace. It must take care of importing the orders from the Marketplace to the Management System. The module will have to import any category update to the management software if the Marketplaces updates them. They are made available to the API, documentation will be provided after contact, which allow you to query the Management.

Functional requirements:
1. Synchronization of advertisements: Uploading new advertisements on the MarketPlace;
2. Updating of existing advertisements;
3. Elimination of the advertisements sold;

Order synchronization:
1. Import of orders received from the marketplace into the Management System;
2. Import of customer data + contact details;
3. Update of the order on the Marketplace (status, tracking code, ..);
4. Updating the status of the objects in the order;

Import of Marketplace Categories in the Management System;
The log of the synchronization operations will be done on a daily text file saved on Google Cloud Storage;
In the event of a serious error (Authentication failed) an email must be sent to libraryadmin and superadmin.

NON-Functional Requirements:
1) Implemented in PHP;
2) License activation key;
3) It must be run as a Task by Google App Engine;
4) Google Cloud Storage will be used for the storage of log and exchange files;
5) The tasks must be able to be executed with cronjobs called upon triggering from an event;
6) To retrieve the results of the requests we ask that the Callback tasks be used;
7) Code not encrypted, legible and well commented;
8) Verification of the license once a day;

Here are requirements and API files:

To apply for this job email your details to digitalcodenetwork@gmail.com