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You absolutely must read the project description on the PDF and be sure that you have understood everything correctly and that you are able to complete the job 100%.  at most, only the offer you indicated during the bid will be accepted. No negotiations will be made, so really put the offer that you will respect.

I don’t have time to answer question so I detailed a maximum the description project so you have all answer on this PDF.

I want to create a dynamic WordPress form with dynamic results and dynamic steps depending on previous answer(s). Wizard Step-by-Step Form

Regardless of the choice of plugin, you have to find a “wizard”.

I had identified this plugin: https://stylemixthemes.com/cost-calculator/, but no “wizard” at first glance. Maybe you can find a better one ? Maybe Gravity or WPForm but check if it’s “Wizard step-by-step”. Or we will need to create one from scratch.

The number of products to display on the STEP 4 at the result is not defined and will vary. If more than 4 products, we need a carousel.

The design will be quite similar with no major change in the process.

The steps must be dynamic like the result mentioned above.

The result product matching is done according to currently undefined criteria which will change over time.

Tell me if you will use an existing plugin or if you will develop it from scratch you have to use OOP (Object-oriented programming). We have to be able to change the design for whatever we want. Using CSS for example.

Website will be created using Elementor builder so the form must adapt to Elementor builder.

PDF Description (Go to Page 2) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/19gJwQ46pXzIjEXD-075F9sqjVSTRbHuc/view?usp=sharing

Please send me you best offer and your deadline.

To apply for this job email your details to digitalcodenetwork@gmail.com