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my code is half completed I had the code little it need to be modified actually because I already showed my code to my coordinator she she said she want some modifications2

Here is the feedback:
I had a look at the code you sent me earlier. Some comments:
The model “works” in the sense that it runs and produces some output, but there is some confusion about what exactly you are representing in it. Some of this confusion may be because you are using misleading names for variables and procedures.
I’m not sure what you mean by ‘convictions’ and ‘conviction rate’. The word ‘conviction’ in English can refer to a strong belief – is that what you mean? It also refers to being found guilty of a crime but you probably don’t intend that meaning.
You use some words that suggest that you are modelling the spread of a disease, (words like ‘infect’, ‘susceptible’, ‘exposed’, ‘recover’, ‘R0’), but I believe that your model captures the spread of beliefs about vaccination, and not the spread of the disease itself. Although there is a strong analogy between the two kinds of spread, it would be clearer if you use language that is more appropriate for the subject of your model. So for example, instead of ‘infect’, you could use the word ‘influence’.
Looking at your variables, the comments you have written next to many of them suggest that you are modelling the spread of a disease, but this is not the case.
Why are nb-unvaccinated and nb-vaccinated turtle variables instead of globals? You have a similar-sounding variable nb-unvaccinated-previous that is a global variable, and that seems more appropriate for variables that are counting populations.
The logic of most of your procedures is very unclear to me.

This is what she(teacher) said. I need to give her reply. If you complete the coding part and explain me solution for this feedback i will give her reply.

how much will it cost to complete it?

Files are here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Agn2tmP9BhVBi8Ym4JnQoskCo997Xg?e=3DWyQx



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