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We just purchased a version of Perfex CRM and want to add some extras

you can check the Full Details of the CRM here: https://codecanyon.net/item/perfex-powerful-open-source-crm/14013737

Before we dive into the customizations I need to tell you we need the CRM for the lead section 90% of our use

Required customizations:

1- We need to be able to do more than one team in the CRM,

Example: We have two teams, each team has its own members and the leader, not each team can see leads for the members of the other team, and also the leader can not see or look at the leads of the other team
PS: the team leader has access to all the members of his team (can edit password or know it)

Check this screenshot: https://prnt.sc/B5UK6cmPvKL7

2- We want to put a column indicating if this lead is duplicated or not, and if duplicated, put a number of how many times this lead duplicated, and when I click on the number it’s showing all the versions of this lead, and Filtering is done on the basis of the mobile number

3- we need to show the phone number in the table view and when anyone clicks on the phone number a popup shows and gives the member many options (call – send WhatsApp message – copy the number)

live example: https://gifyu.com/image/STBp1

4- in the status section, It will be divided into types (Waiting – Cancellation – cancel after meeting – follow Up – Follow UP After Meeting – etc) And when I choose any state, it shows a text area, which enables me to write a note to express this change
Below the text area, a field is placed according to the state, for example: if I choose that the lead has canceled, a field with options is placed, and when I choose that the customer will follow up at another time, a request is made to put a date selection field

live example: https://gifyu.com/image/STOsH

5- need to create a filter like this: https://prnt.sc/FBBGvFJvK0IJ
PS: there is a relation between this point and point number 4

6- need to know how many actions that are every member took in the day and what’s the actions and when they did it, and need a possibility to filter the members and specific a filter date and specific section like if I need to filter all the action taken on the leads or the members
its called also: the activity log

7- Creat advanced lead search that Allows the member to search for any lead with any of the available fields like (status – phone number – creation date (from-to) – assigned date (from-to) – owner – creator – project – name)
also can the leader search for the all leads that are assigned to his team or him or he and his team members
example: https://prnt.sc/RJDPPkyG26KB

8- Create advanced permissions for the leads section, need to create 4 permissions for every field (add – edit – view – delete)
The fields that i need to put this permissions on it (status – source – assigned – tags – name – phone – lead value – description – project – creator – notes)
and also if this user can be assigned a lead to him or not, (if I select no so when I came to assign a lead to any member this member will be hidden from the list)

9- if I assigned the lead to another member I need a popup that asks me if I need to show the old notes and Activity Log for this member or not, if yes show the old notes and Activity Log, if no hide them

10- Possibility to control the visible columns to show or hide any filed and last note or the next reminders

11- in the dashboard, I need to set 3 sections by default
1- Contact Summary: Example: https://prnt.sc/lkpDa3tPS3TN
2- Status Summary, example: https://prnt.sc/gmel56Q854Ob
3- Assignments, Example: https://prnt.sc/AW4Mxp63Y2Hu
and every section can filter it by date

12- create an advanced reports section that gives the manager access to show all the data in the CRM and can export it, in this section the manager can filter the leads by any field..

Please let me know how much you will charge for these changes?

To apply for this job email your details to digitalcodenetwork@gmail.com