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Who we are

We’re a group of passionate people helping you to grow your business. We provide Web Development, Graphic Desiging SEO, Gigital Marketing, Writing, Data Entry and Video Animation related Services

Our Awesome Team

Nasir Bashir

Nasir Bashir

Founder & CEO

Nasir is a founder and CEO of Digital code network. Moreover, he is also a web developer and graphic designer

Haseeb Arif

Haseeb Arif

SEO Expert

Haseeb is an expert in SEO and digital marketing. He is also a graphic designer and can create logos and banners

How We Work

At digital code network, we work in the following ways

We work together as a team and help to fix problems which we face. In this way we can manage multiple projects at once time.
We collaborate one an other in the different projects to help solve the issues during our working hours. So it mean if one developer is working on a project , that mean all team is collaborating with that person.

At the end we focus on the results of exact product. We handle this task with help of our quality assurance (QA) team so that we can provide better results before submission.

What We Do Best



Social Media

Team Training


Web Development

Email Marketing


Our Services

We provide a wide array of software design and development services


We create simple prototypes that can be transformed to efficient User experience


User Interface (UI)

The first thing that brings someone to your app is a beautiful, original and modern look and feel.

User Experience (UX) design

To create software that people will actually use, you need to create software that’s simple and easy to use.

Quality Assurance

Our specialized in-house QA team does the review and testing of all the software we build.